Composition of the Board

The Surveyors Board regulates the practice of land boundary surveying and the registration of land boundary surveyors and consists of five members, comprising the Surveyor-General (ex officio) and four other licensed surveyors appointed by the Minister, two of whom are selected from a panel of three nominated by the Institution of Surveyors (NT Division).

Current Board Membership



Mr Robert Sarib

Acting Surveyor General.

Board Member



Board Member

Mr R D (Richard) Purnell

Reappointed on 18 April 2017 from nominations made by the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute. Board member since 26 February 2013.

Board Member

Mrs N J (Nannette) Helder

Appointed 18 April 2017 from applications received.

Board Member

Mr D I (David) Sach

Appointed 18 April 2017 from applications received.


The current term of the appointed members expires on 18 April 2021.